Wholesale: 12-Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

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Wholesale: 12-Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Sugar Scrub


Elevate your skincare routine with our Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – a radiant burst of natural goodness that will leave your skin positively glowing. Crafted with care and infused with the power of turmeric, this scrub is a luscious blend of premium ingredients designed to exfoliate, brighten, and revitalize your skin.

🌟 Turmeric Brilliance: Uncover the age-old secret of turmeric, celebrated for its brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. This golden spice naturally illuminates the skin, promoting a radiant complexion that steals the spotlight.

🌿 Gentle Exfoliation with Sugar: The fine sugar crystals delicately buff away dull skin cells, unveiling a smoother texture beneath. This gentle exfoliation reveals a fresh, rejuvenated canvas, ready to absorb the benefits of other enriching ingredients.

🍯 Honey Infusion: Experience the luxury of honey, a natural humectant that locks in moisture, leaving your skin irresistibly soft and supple. Honey also lends its antibacterial properties, promoting a clear and healthy complexion.

💧 Hydration Boost with Shea Butter: Enriched with shea butter, this scrub deeply hydrates and nourishes, restoring your skin's natural glow. Say goodbye to dryness as shea butter provides a protective barrier, ensuring lasting moisture.

🌺 Botanical Elegance with Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E: Immerse yourself in the botanical bliss of sunflower oil and vitamin E. These nourishing elements work harmoniously to soothe, protect, and enhance your skin's resilience against the daily stresses of life.

🍋 Lemon Zest for Brightness: Infused with the zesty freshness of lemon, our scrub helps brighten and even out skin tone. Revel in the uplifting citrus aroma as your skin soaks in the rejuvenating benefits of this citrus powerhouse.

🌿 Natural Elegance with Castor Oil and Sea Moss: Embrace the natural elegance of castor oil and sea moss as they team up to enrich your skin with essential minerals and vitamins. Sea moss contributes to a supple, revitalized feel, while castor oil provides an extra layer of nourishment.

Pamper yourself with our Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – a radiant symphony of nature's finest ingredients. Indulge in the transformative power of turmeric and unveil a luminous, radiant complexion that reflects your inner glow. Elevate your skincare experience and let your beauty shine through!



Turmeric Extract, Organic sugar, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Mango Butter, Coco butter, Shea butter, Kojic, Sea moss, Sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, BTMS-Emulsifying Lemon, wax, Vitamin E, Castor oil, Fragrance oils, Natural Preservative


EFFECTIVE FOR Various Skin Concerns:

Brightens, Uneven Skin Tone, Scarring, Dark Spots, Blackspots, Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Fades Scars and Marks


Gently massage a quarter-sized amount onto damp skin using a circular motion. For even distribution, add more water as needed. Allow the scrub to remain on the skin for up to 10 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a dark-colored towel to prevent staining.

For optimal results, use the scrub up to twice daily and maintain consistent application for 2-3 weeks. Unveil the best results by incorporating this routine into your skincare regimen.




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.





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